Life is short but good.  To help me (and maybe you) remember, here are some recent, as well as not-so-recent, snapshots of the places I've lived or traveled, often in the name of science--which is a great and enjoyable privilege.   I'll probably keep adding as I transfer pics from the pre-digital age. 

Pics include those from a cross-Canada/west coast U.S. road trip, work in the UK, Australia, Trinidad, Finland, Alaska, Brazil and visits to Hong Kong and the Philippines.  Some pics might be from my proverbial backyard: Koffler Scientific Reserve on the Oak Ridges Moraine (where I've worked for over a decade) and the Beach in Toronto (where I currently live).   Thanks to Nicola for many of the photos!


CHECK OUT Andre's Bug Book! ('published' in 2014)    (click on image to get .pdf)