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Phenotypic Evolution:
Natural selection acts on multiple traits simultaneously.  How strong is contemporary selection on suites of traits and how rapid is evolution?  How does this translate to evolution at 'macroevolutionary' timescales?

Sexual Dimorphism:
Males and females have fundamentally different evolutionary interests, often leading to striking sex-differences in phenotype.  How do the sexes manage to diverge despite sharing the same genome?

Genetic Architecture:
Evolution is limited by the availability of genetic variance and among-trait correlations.  Does this result in strong genetic constraints?  How readily do genetic systems evolve?

Maintaining Variation:
Strong selection typically reduces genetic variation, yet some species are remarkably variable.  What allows such polymorphism to persist?  

Evolution can be envisioned as a 'hill-climbing' process on an adaptive landscape, with the ascent relying on the supply of genetic variation (including new mutations).  What do landscapes look like and how stable are they?  Are there few or many paths to higher ground?

Ecology, Environment and Life History:
Individuals vary in their ability to acquire resources and in how they allocate these. How does environmental variation influence trait expression?  How do populations adapt to new environments?